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The design for your new garden is now yours. You may wish to build it yourself, you may have preferred contractors you would like to appoint, you may wish to engage my services to oversee the building of the garden.

No matter which of these paths you choose, in order to ensure that your garden is built faithfully to the design, a number of other tools are required. I can produce any or all of these:

  • Construction drawings
    These will show the dimensions and layout of any hard landscaping and built features in the garden. The garden can only be built true to the design with reference to these.
  • Planting plan
    Your garden design plans will show key plants and structural planting, but not detailed decorative planting. To truly fulfil the potential and character of the design, detailed planting plans will explore colour, form, texture, scent, seasonal variations and other attributes, in combinations of plants that work in relation to each other, and as part of the whole garden.
  • Specification document
    A full specification document will detail every last aspect of the garden build, methods of construction and the materials to be used, and should be used in conjunction with the construction drawings.
    This pins down exactly what work needs to be done and how, and allows different contractors to quote for the job, n the knowledge that they are all working to the same specification.
  • Project management
    However you choose to build your garden, I can if required, co-ordinate and oversee the whole process, to ensure that all goes smoothly, that your garden meets all of the design requirements, and every last one of your expectations.
  • Maintenance
    In time your garden will mature and develop as it achieves its full potential. I can provide advice and guidance as to how best to maintain it throughout the seasons, allowing you to get the most pleasure from your garden.